You’ll Probably Understand, DT

February 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

What is it about girls from Virginia, and I mean deep dirty Virginia, with their long legs, knobby bruised knees, and slight horse faces that makes me want to watch them bend over naked? They’ll likely be their hottest at 16 and even hotter when they’re pregnant at 17.

I was reading some piece of garbage on the internet that said anyone under the age of 18 who has a baby should be required to give that baby up for adoption to a family that could love it. This supposes to say that anyone under 18 is incapable of love, I guess. Maybe being able to buy cigarettes and being able to love happen at the same time.

I know I bought my first pack of cigarettes when I was 12. I was in love before that, though. Real love, too, for about anyone who’d say something kind to me. This one boy, Jonathon Boren, would run fast to lap me in gym class, and when he did he would say some shit that made me blush. He knew I was hot for him. I even recorded a pop song for him at Six Flags. It was Anything For You by Gloria Estaphan. I gave him the tape one evening outside of his house after youth group, then we went behind his house and I blew him.When he stopped talking to me after that, I still didn’t regret any part of it. I even circled his face with a heart in my year book the day he called me a dirty in front of his friends.

If that wasn’t love, then I’ve never felt anything real in my life. I was able to love someone who could not love me back, like an infant is incapable of loving their mother. (Don’t fool yourselves. We’re not born knowing love, only need.) Those beautiful Virginia girls, I am sure they can love. Being poor and having sex young don’t stop a person from feeling the same things Orange County girls feel. Their babies will probably grow up to be more interesting, too.


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