They Make It Try To Sound Southern

October 4, 2011 § 1 Comment

But it ain’t. More than just southern people will say “ain’t”, and I hope you know it.

Slap a slow accent on a thing and we can all call it bad. But the reality is that it ain’t. I ain’t southern and neither are the sons’s’a’bitches that saw it right to fuck me in the ass as a kid.

I spend my time trying to find the people who were terrified by what I went through. I spend my time trying to stifle screams so my kids don’t know what PTSD means. And one day I’ll be cool enough to tie it all into a neat movie that will make you cry. And then you’ll try to pretend the movie wasn’t real.

But know this now. All sorts of shitfucks say ain’t. It ain’t southern, and from the moment I heard it I hated it. It ain’t a word, and it ain’t just southern. It is real, and Ain’t is where I come from.


§ One Response to They Make It Try To Sound Southern

  • The movie version is gonna have robots though. Like, you will get raped and molested by robots but then Matthew McConaughey or some other Southern sounding person will come in and beat their ass with some lasers. He’ll be like “that ain’t right, Sinistroid, the way you done sullied that gal” and then he’ll jump down its throat with a laser axe like in REIGN OF FIRE. Screaming “Yee haw!!” or some shit. You will be played by Carey Mulligan. Or maybe Michelle Williams. Either way, the actress will show her tits.

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