This Is Really Just For You, DT

October 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

I want to be still asleep right now, and I fucking would be, except I woke up because I puked on myself, and I stayed awake because some woman (I’m assuming) in my neighborhood is screaming at someone in the high pitched way you scream at a person when they’re not going to listen to what you’re screaming anyway.He probably cheated or spent all their money on drugs. This is a spent all their money on drugs kind of neighborhood, but I’m not ruling out the cheating. I’d have a better idea if I spoke Spanish.

But anyway, I’m awake. I don’t have the energy t0 clean up the vomit, but my computer is right the fuck here. I can set it on my lap and lazy eye it while I type. Not much movement required. Plus, there are some thoughts currently haunting me that I need to get out, and you love it when I talk about my white trash bullshit life.

Greyhound always has delays, and not just, like, 30 minutes because of heavy traffic, which you would figure they’d have factored in to their total timetable anyway. Greyhound has 8 hour delays, day long delays, delays that mean sitting in their filthy station, eyeballing the other poor people, and losing your goddamn lunch over the smell of things.

When I was a kid I rode a Greyhound bus with my mother from my happy roach infested apartment all the way down to some southern state so she could fuck this carnie who eventually ditched us and reported her for child abuse. Early on in the trip, at the first station, she introduced me to chili mac, bought out of a vending machine. For that very reason I can’t hear the song “Jimmy Mac”without tasting cheese flavoring and cumin.

I have a lot more to say about Greyhound bus trips, and you should remind me about this later. But for now, I just covered my chest in more vomit, so it looks like the situation has turned into the “do something about this” variety.


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