Kenny Rogers Would Hang Out With Us

This could be the year for the real thing. It could also just be another year of patting ourselves on the backs for being great looking.

DT and BB together, weilding the symbolic sword of their dual penmanship. They studied writing at Pen Island.

Delicious Tacos, Oscar Bound

Delicious Tacos is just some fucking guy with jacked abs and teeth once described as “gleaming like a mouth full of diamonds”. He reads the writings of others as a career. That doesn’t make him as cool with the ladies as you’d think.


Boobed Bukowski


Boobed Bukowski is a loud mouthed cunt who drinks too much for it to be cute anymore. Someone told her once that she had talent. Things got weird after that.


More Pecudum is where these two hang out and try to one-up each other. They don’t care if you read it, but you can bet they’ll be getting drunk and talking about every fucking comment anyone ever leaves. Do your part.


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